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Royal battletown mod apk is an action game where you can battle with other players online. In this game, you can choose between different types of fighters, each with their weapons and abilities. You can also collect other weapons, upgrade them, and equip them with different skills to create the ultimate warrior. 
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Royal Battletown Mod Apk – The Best Action Game

Royal battletown mod apk is an action game where you can battle with other players online. In this game, you can choose between different types of fighters, each with their weapons and abilities. You can also collect other weapons, upgrade them, and equip them with different skills to create the ultimate warrior. 

Royal battletown mod apk is an app that allows you to play a mobile version of the royale game. There are many other battle royale games, but this is the one that has become the most popular and is played by millions of people worldwide. The main aim of the game is to be the last player standing. You can play royale games on your PC as well.

Royal Battletown Mod Apk

If you want to download the royal battletown mod apk, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will share the download link of the royal battletown mod apk along with its features and how to download the royal battletown mod apk. The download link is at the bottom of the page.

During a match, you can either fight against computer-generated enemies or other players from all over the world. This game has fantastic HD graphics with detailed characters, fascinating animations, stunning visual effects, and many more. If you want to enjoy a multiplayer action game on your Android smartphone, this is the best option.

In addition to the thrilling gameplay, this game is equipped with a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to play it easily.

You can easily customize your characters and weapons, create teams, fight with others online, and chat with friends in the same room. Another great thing about this game is that it has an auto-save feature that allows you to continue playing it even if your device suddenly shuts down. 

Overall, if you are looking for a great multiplayer action game on your Android device, then royale battle town mod apk is by far the best option.

The gameplay of the royal battletown mod apk is fantastic. The graphics are excellent, and the design is also great; I enjoyed playing this game; you can play three different modes in this game, the first one is a campaign, the second one is the one vs. one method, and the third one is survival mode.

The gameplay of the royal battle town mod apk is a perfect android mobile phone game. Don’t miss it, guys, have a great time.

This android game is about creating a town in a remote country area. It would help if you defeated your enemies, upgraded your village, constructed new buildings, and many more. You must have a quick reflex to defeat your enemies; otherwise, you will lose your town.

This android mobile game is exciting and engaging. You can also play this game on your PC. you can download this game from our website for PC.

Clash Royale and Clash of Clans inspired this game. You have your town where you need to create buildings, upgrade, create different troops, and much more.

This is a fantastic game, guys. If you like multiplayer games, then don’t miss it.

Royal Battletown premium

KeyPoints of Royal Battle Town APK:

  1. Three different modes, 1 vs 1, Campaign, and Survival, are available in the game. Scores based on various methods will be counted separately. If you win all matches during survival mode, you can unlock the survival hall of fame hidden on the map and save your high score.
  2. Daily rewards are available in this game to collect more coins and resources for upgrades, new buildings, troops, and more. Daily prizes include gems, gold, food, and other things that are useful for a player to build his town better.
  3. Challenge friends through the multiplayer mode and compete with friends to get their friends’ high scores on the battle board.
  4. Look at your castle above and below through a bird view camera. Shooting from a birds-eye view camera increases its power by 50%, but the chance of hitting enemy units is also reduced.
  5. Beautiful graphics will increase your gaming experience to a new level. Visual effects like a sand storm, rain, snow, fog, etc., give a fantastic view of town war battles. Use hero skills wisely, as they can make a difference between victory and defeat!
  6. Buy units with food or coins which are obtained while playing the campaign or multiplayer mode; props will be present on maps to help you reduce unit training time by half when used, along with 250 gold per hour by upgrading the prop shop building in town hall level 6
  1. Go looting with heroes when they are ready to level up by completing their training tasks and earn gems from treasures. Selecting the right troops in the right proportion will increase their attack power.
  2. Achieving the daily campaign missions and upgrading your town hall increases the resource production of your town, and troops’ training time gets reduced. Each level of your town hall gives you 1000 more population, armies for more battles, and lets you unlock 10 more slots for units.
  3. Set up walls around your castle to prevent enemies from entering your city. Place archers into towers along with cannons as troops. Cannon has a range of 3 tiles, while the tower has a range of 2 tiles. You can also build walls around enemy castles. Still, it can’t be done in fog operations or offense battles, only in defense operations or war battles which are not fog operations or offense battles. 
  4. You can also protect any unit inside the castle by selecting it again on the skills menu to give extra protection against archers and cannon etc.; this ability lasts for 5 seconds for ten mana per the second cast on the selected unit/hero (mana regenerates from 0% to 100% within 4 minutes).
  5. You can also build wall towers around the unit/hero on patrol mode in defense operation (not fog operation) or war battle (it’s not offense battle or siege battle). The wall tower archer will guard this way, the unit in patrol mode for one food per second. This ability is beneficial if you want to boost the range of your units that are on patrol mode.

Royal Battletown

  1. Wall towers have only 20 hitpoints, so it takes only ten attacks to destroy them  
  2. Here comes another strategy regarding the placement of units while defending the castle. Please place melee units inside the castle while ranged units defend outside because melee units inside the castle take much lesser damage than ranged units outside the castle while defending. Also, they are safe from being attacked by siege weapons which include battering rams, catapults, trebuchets, and even ballista.
  3. If you have lots of gold and resources, build new castles in the same village where your old castle is. Using the resource drop-off point, you can send your units from the old court to the recent court.
  4. This is a common mistake made by many players of clash of clans. They upgrade their town hall to level 11. At the same time, they don’t have a whole army because the enemy can attack you when there is less than 50% of the military in your village. Still, if you have already upgraded your town hall to level 11 if the enemy attacked your village, then only he will get two stars if he wins;
  5. Never attack with all troops at once while attacking enemy bases because they will easily defend themselves against all units at once. It’s better to send the first spear man or archers inside enemy territory and, after 25 seconds, send the rest of the troops for maximum damage output. 
  6. When defending against heroes like a golem, Pekka, prince, wizard, etc., always keep some ranged troops inside the castle so they can kill those heroes before they reach the walls and turn into cannon fodder for them.
  7. When defending against heroes like a dark prince, executioner, etc., always keep at least one troop in each corner of your village (in case you are using perimeter defenses), and they will counter each Hero if they enter your territory instead of making them run into walls. 
  8. Always look for loot in your clan castle. You can sometimes find some rare and best troops in it. After seeing rare units from it, you can sell them for gold or even elixir so that you don’t need to build them from scratch.
  9. After getting three stars on the enemy base, try to raid their storages because most players don’t put much effort into building them, and most of the time, it’s filled with gold or elixir rather than dark elixir or gems.
  10. Always upgrade walls before the barbarian king (because he will help you to protect those walls ) and barbarian barracks before the archer queen because she can shoot down air troops quickly plus, she is a ranged troop too, so she can soon destroy buildings that are adjacent to walls more effectively than other troops even barbarians.
  11. If, while playing multiplayer mode, there is a player who has the same town hall level as yours, then never attack him. Just request clan castle troops from him because he might be low on resources while shooting, so its better if he orders those troops from his clan mates rather than attacking his base where he is most likely to get 1 star at least (if he wins) while losing a lot of troops and elixir/gold.

Features of royal battletown mod apk?

Royal Battletown Mod Apk features include:

Lots of Fun

The royal battletown is fun to play .enjoy royale and survive by yourself or friends. Surviving is more useful it this way you can earn more from shops,

Improve your Combat Skills: The game includes a lot of people, and everyone needs some skills to survive for a more extended period than the other players. Your combat skills will improve automatically with time as you will gather enough experience playing a lot of games,

Be your Hero

Sometimes it gets boring playing with allies because then you cant coordinate strategy and attack effectively. It would help if you also had that feeling when you don’t need anyone to help as you can handle such a situation alone, get prepared for the worst case,

A lot of Stores

Not limited to cosmetic stuff, other items are available that will help you survive longer than opponents. Don’t miss any opportunity of looting items and keeping them safe in your storage locker or church to utilize at any time. These stuff comes in handy and may change the result if you win or lose ultimately, so don’t lose such pieces before concluding victorious at last.

During the fight, finish every opponent till there are not many fighters remaining so that in result its best battle royale experience on smartphones having so much enjoyable loot crawler just everywhere…join with cobber now..!

Royal Battletown Mod Apk latest version

Play Deadly Game step by step

Open your weapon box and choose the ideal weapon before the battle starts; a sufficient amount of inventory is critical. At the same time, playing be alert to your health level. It would help if you collected some first aid kits during play, which may cause frequent attacks on you by enemies, so being cautious is how you lead the game successfully.

Be creative

Move behind a few rocks or fort which can’t be seen quickly by others so after entering fire continuously on enemies by taking advantage of this provision becomes worthy crux towards winning round at last.

Communicate effectively

While playing with other players, if they show aggression, they should escape them as they are tricky players; if they are also one of the deadliest, check their health bar. It might be a critical condition that can make them casual to kill. Play already better steps keeping communication effective… so enjoy and be a part of the deadliest experience with us at cobber Apps..!

Expect strong

Suppose you are expected to encounter intense levels enemies play step by step like fort battle, hostile base battle, etc., where stronger enemies are there be keen and alert on weakness. Are they possible to haunt himself or someone else during gameplay? If yes, then eliminate them effectively without further delay. Thank you, cobber Apps, for providing a virtual gaming experience.

Expect light

Yes, it’s true.. some levels have a tremendous amount of light around, which makes the obstacle vision a little weak and keep following the target; he will be blocked with fountains, rocks, etc., using methods to bye-pass by those precipitates to achieve winning factor.


While entering the fort and river areas, be alert on slippery points over there s certain trees. If you stand on them to get a ride, then fall can take place; keep an eye on enemies’ eyes so that protecting yourself from unwanted damage on the battlefield becomes a worthy extent.

Best planning and clever tactics bring better results

Let’s take a bird’s view from above of how you will be found during gameplay, are you noted on your foes map or not? If yes, this will be a worthy aspect that enhances and maintains the flare-up winning factor..! So, friends, these are some advanced tips for Game success, and other cheats prizes with highlights of infinite rupees, horse, etc., have been given into the same collection way, so try to adapt it for winning guidance!

Royal Battletown Mod Apk download

6 Unique Tips For 1st Building Your Town Successfully

There are the following tips to build the royal battletown mod apk game the fastest way..!

  1. Make sure to upgrade your weaponry, and don’t go killing the zombie head-on. Cause with a new weapon, you’re vulnerable as once you get hit by one or two before fighting correctly. So keep upgrading your weapons for every new character!
  2. When going on any mission, always try to raid them in pairs or teams max 3 team members are great, and don’t forget to check these missions at the notice board carefully before heading out: more gold coins rewarded tasks are better as they pay out a more significant amount than trophy hunt missions
  3. At first, all building level up to 2 is enough for Zombies with castle Level 5 is fair enough cause then zed starts attacking from long range with crossbow arrows and archers. You will feel no respite even at castle depth. Keep upgrading stone-castle cause because the gang of doom is coming very soon any second of siege…! Forest zombies take first closest structure.
  4. Damaging that damage is pretty fair before they run out. Crushers at panic seize and fire directly at your units next in priority still if you’re able to stop them right there it will shape benefited by stopping them if you ask me and place crows nearby surrounding lands lot close to the wall. More sort of alert would help
  5. That fog does not get caught, not avoid any instances…! If all are honest, want a second home those build after the attack, but first, be aware that whatever comes around, forget to wall on four sides before facing all attacks!
  6. When the first clone then gets twin strike by what I could gather mistake I also made higher chances that you’d win against every zed who dare attack 2½ times guy one gets damage from hundred occasions.
  7. Two gets double hit using same equipment causing major pains for target unit, or stack of cabbage whatever approaching for small size Zombies makes a trade. Let them pay for all incoming attacks with harsh leather troops upgrade turntables. Let it get tougher shoot cannons and zap gold coins! Keep hitting drop like flies! It’s fun when evil wandering, yes,
  8. Right the interface, a secret code trying to figure out where I was heading. It’s like come to an age of documenting technology basic level theory Crafting costs ?!
  9. Finally, make many artisan cores, each cost much as three torches, 8 logs, and five smelters work together, oil costs 5% 100 save effort keep hoarding so until you earn a substantial amount to build two world maps lose miserably gave up created adjacent.

How to Download and Install the royal battletown mod apk?

⇒ First Click On Below Given downloading sites ⇓ ⇓ Click it to your device For example-laptop/mobile/smartphone. Once downloaded, visit pc central File location and click on it. All Done installation process completed.

The installation procedure is completed. Click the Below Button To Download What is royal battle town-extra mod apk

Now installation time has been displaced here; you will not Find any difficulties..! You will easily install it on your eustyle device within a brief period…!! Yes, it’s entirely authentic & safe. Download. Stay tuned with our latest update section.

We will try to give you more advanced tools and tricks that also make all of these tools compatible, detecting every time every new style operating system ever developed by an internet technology launched,

Unlimited Crafting Coins And Diamonds For Royal BattleTown Apk

Royal Battletown Apk Mod

Final Words:

Royal BattleTown is a game about building your city, managing resources, and fighting battles.

You can build various buildings to collect resources, including farms and mines. You can also build barracks to train troops and ships to fight in sea battles.

You can play against other players in PvP battles or send your troops to take over their lands.

Royal Battle Town is a strategy game that is available for Android devices. In this game, you must build your kingdom by making alliances with other players to conquer the whole world.


What is the Royal Battletown mod apk?

Royal Battletown is a new game app on the Google play store. It is an online multiplayer game that allows you to play with friends and other players worldwide.

Is the royal battletown mod apk safe?

Yes, the royal battletown mod apk is 100% safe. The app is scanned with the latest security systems to ensure it is 100% malware-free.

Is the royal battletown mod apk free?

Yes, the royal battletown mod apk is free for Download. You can download it from our website for free without paying any hidden charges or fees

What's new

  1. Royal Battletown is a game that can be played on your Android device. The game is very addictive and has many features to keep you playing for hours.
  1. Royal Battletown is a role-playing game (RPG) where you will be able to create your character and fight against other players online or offline.
  1. This is an online multiplayer game, so if you want to play it offline, you need to connect your device to Wi-Fi first, or else you won't be able to play it properly.
  1. The controls of this game are straightforward; all you need to do is tap on the screen to move around on the map and attack enemies or other players as well as perform special attacks like magic spells or skills etc., depending on which character class you choose to play with!

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