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General Information of Play Services Apk

A new update for Play Services Apk to the Android platform is rolling out today, with features such as a lower-powered location-based service, access to all the latest user privacy settings, synchronized contacts, and higher quality Google apps and apps from Google Play.

The updated feature also improves security by strengthening support for Safe Browsing in Chrome on Android. The new version also introduces a slew of bug fixes and performance updates.

New Google Play Services Update Brings More Functionality

With the Google Play services apk update, Google apps, as well as Google Play apps, receive updates. This component, which contains essential functionalities such as authentication with Google services, synchronized contacts, and the latest privacy settings, also offers higher-quality, lower-powered location-based services.

With the release of Google Play Services apk 4.4 on android phones this month, more features and features will be made available to all android users with compatible phones starting now and concluding at the end of this year.

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How does Play Services Apk work?

With the update of Google Play services apk, Google and Play apps receive updates. This component, which contains essential functionalities such as authentication with Google services, synchronized contacts, and the latest privacy settings, also offers higher-quality, lower-powered location-based services.

With the release of Google Play Services apk 4.4 on android phones this month, more features will be available to all android users with compatible phones starting now and concluding at the end of this year.

Technical Specifications

  • The new Google Play services apk update allows users to access their history of activity on the app.
  • For example, when a user rates an app or uses it frequently, that information will now be accessible in the updated application.
  • Users can see which apps have been used or watched within a specific time frame.
  • This has made it much easier for parents to monitor their children’s activities on their smartphones.
  • With this new update, users will also notice the battery power for location-based services has increased significantly without sacrificing accuracy.
  • In addition, the ability to download videos faster is being implemented with this update.
  • When updating your phone’s software to the latest version, you’ll also receive many other new features!


  • A new Nearby Connections API lets apps discover when the user is near someone with a shared connection so that you can say hello to your friends while traveling.
  • Improved battery life with Doze on the go. If your phone is not in use for some time, like when it’s sitting on a table overnight, Doze reduces background activity so that you don’t need to worry about charging it as often.
  • With this update, Doze will reduce activity whenever the screen turns off, even if your device is still being used.
  • That means apps won’t be able to wake devices from deep sleep unless they are playing music or making an alarm sound.
  • Developers should create alternative functionality for their apps which do not require a constant network connection.
  • Meanwhile, your location-based services work normally, even during Doze mode.

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Special Features

  1.  Better responsiveness in real-time communication apps with support for RCS messaging, a standard that brings more features to texting while reducing data usage.
  2.  Cloud TPUs let you train machine learning models faster and more accurately, up to 10x the performance of our previous system.
  3.  On-device speech recognition supports dozens of languages, letting you control your phone by voice. – Fingerprint authentication lets you unlock your phone or tablet quickly and easily.
  4.  Activity Recognition automatically recognizes activities like walking, cycling, driving or cooking based on accelerometer data. – Enhanced battery management can extend device use by up to an hour.
  5.  App shortcuts make jumping into your favorite app easier than ever.

What’s new in Google Play services 12

While apps like Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and more already have that up-to-date feel with design updates since the last time you used them on your phone or tablet, some big new features are also coming.

New contextual cards in the Google app will help you track purchases, events, trips, and flights with one quick view of all your reservations. You can see what’s coming up and easily keep everything organized.

The App Indexing API helps developers of other mobile apps make content from their app searchable on Google when users search from the Google app or Chrome browser.

What’s included in this release

  •  Fix for wake lock bug, which was affecting battery life.
  •  Hotspot support for new Nexus devices running Android 4.3+.
  •  New location settings: work, home, any Wi-Fi network you are connected to and never track.
  • Smart Lock screen saver option (only while charging).
  •  Security enhancements: fixes a vulnerability in the media framework that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code through a specially crafted file.
  •  Bluetooth MAP support.
  • The last time Google released a major update of their services was in November 2013, when they announced Play Services apk 5.
  • It is clear from the list of changes made in this update that this is one of the most important updates yet!

What’s removed or deprecated

Beginning with version 11.8.0, no new features will be added to the Core component of the SDK. We’ll continue to make security updates, but those too will come more frequently than before.

Apps using previous versions of the SDK won’t be able to update beyond this release either; they’ll need to migrate their app by August 1st if they want their app’s functionality to work on new devices or upgrade existing devices that are running Android 8.0 Oreo (API 26) or higher.

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How to check if you have received this update?

Google just updated their Google Play services apk app. If you have received the update, your phone is fully up to date with all the latest features. You should now be able to access higher quality, lower-powered location-based services; synchronize contacts, and get automatic updates for your apps without having to update them yourself manually.

Users of older Android phones (running Android 5.0 Lollipop or below) will not receive this update because they are incompatible with the newest Google Play Services apk version, 12.4. Newer Android devices (running Android 6 Marshmallow or newer) will automatically download this new version when connected to Wi-Fi.

How this release benefits you?

The latest update to Google Play services apk includes new features that were highly requested. For example, the ability to store unlimited photos with better compression is a game changer for many people.

The update also includes new functionality like improved gaming functionality and photo editing tools with direct integration into the camera app. If you haven’t yet updated your phone to this newest version, be sure to do so today!

Pros & Cons

Google’s update to the Google Play services apk brings more functionality and features and helps with battery consumption. As our lives increasingly move online, our products must constantly update to keep up with demand.

Some may worry about the potential security risks from this update since it allows apps to have more access to their device, but most of the shared data is done on the user’s behalf.

For example, if you use Android Pay, you need to authorize your card or bank account for payment, which can be done by authorizing the app within your Google Wallet settings. The author encourages readers to install the new update if they haven’t already and offers a quick rundown of what some of its benefits are below.

How Can I Get and Install Play Services Apk?

  1. Open up the Play Store on your Android phone or tablet, tap the three-line menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, and then select My Apps.
  2. Next, you’ll see a list of currently installed apps on your device.
  3. You’ll also see a section called ‘All,’ which will show you all available apps to download from Google Play.
  4. The new update is included in this list. Just scroll down and tap on Google Play services apk to install it. It’s that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When is the Google Play services update scheduled to happen?

A: Google has not yet set a time frame for the release but said it would come soon. We recommend that you have automatic updates enabled in your phone settings so that you don’t miss it when it happens. If not, manually check for updates from time to time.

Q: What does this update offer?

A: This latest update brings more functionality and features regarding authentication, synchronized contacts, access to all the latest user privacy settings, and higher quality location-based services, among others.

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Q: How do I know if my device has been updated?

A: If you’re using an Android device running KitKat or Lollipop, this upgrade should have automatically installed on your device without any intervention needed on your part.

Q: What happens to my apps if I don’t install the update?

A: An app that hasn’t been updated in at least six months will be removed from the device. If your app is up-to-date, you’ll keep it on your device.

Q: Why should I update my apps?

A: You should update because new features are included in the newest version of the Google Play services apk SDK, such as faster performance and new integrations with other services.

Some developers have also taken advantage of the most recent changes to bring an enhanced user experience like offline support for Maps or YouTube, improved battery usage by their app, or more robust security measures.

Q: How do I know which apps need updating?

A: To see which apps need updating, go to Settings > Apps > Downloaded > All. Scroll down until you find Google and click Update All. If any updates are available for any of your downloaded apps, they will be listed below this heading.


In a nutshell, the latest version of Google Play services apk promises to help your Android app play better with Google apps and offer more features. For more information on what’s new in this update and other changes related to this release, you can check out the detailed release notes at the Android Developers site.

It’s worth noting that even if your app doesn’t use any Google services, it will still benefit from these updates as they provide core functionality like authentication to your service. I also want to remind readers that if you are using an older version of the SDK tools, there is no need for an upgrade because this is compatible with all versions below 22.3.0.

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