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Fap Ninja apk is a game that includes some mega powers and many helpful items. One of the main assets of this game is its quality graphics. The ninja is also very strong in this game it can attack very quickly.
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Fap Ninja Apk Download – Latest Android Game

Fap Ninja Apk is an Android game that has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide. It features a wide range of adult mini-games. Your goal is to increase your score and complete various challenges to survive.

Fap Ninja APK for Android is a game that you can play when you want to take a break. It has some adult mini-games which will entertain you for hours. And in this article, I am about to share its features with you so that you are already acquainted with its gameplay before downloading it.

Fap Ninja APK

Fap Ninja is a popular name among Android users. The app lets you play with beautiful girls and kill some time by doing other miscellaneous stuff. You can earn party points, and unlock new characters.

  • Fap Ninja is a simple and addictive game that you can play anywhere!
  • This game is suitable for every age and anyone who likes to kill time during boring hours.
  • If you are bored with your daily routine, this is just the right app for you!
  • The gameplay is very easy and suitable for everyone (including kids).
  • Fap Ninja will keep you entertained whether you’re at home, on the bus, or in the toilet.

Still, there are some adult mini-games. The full version of Fap Ninja is pretty tame, but the APK will give you a taste of what’s out there. And if you’re going to be browsing for adult content in public, you’ll want a discrete way to do so and that’s exactly what Fap Ninja does best.

Tasks differ from easy ones to difficult ones. They are made in such a way that you always have something to do. You will encounter different characters as well as mini-games that you have never seen before.

It is an adult mini-game with very simple rules. The story of the game is about a young ninja who needs to finish his training by visiting 100 shrines in 100 days.

Tapping the screen will make him jump from one platform to another and your goal is to avoid falling for as long as possible. Each level provides different challenges and various achievements can be unlocked.

Fap Ninja is not only fun but also extremely challenging, even for adults!


  • Free to play
  • Play without ADs
  • Touch anywhere on the screen to jump (no annoying controls)


  • Challenge system with several achievements to unlock –
  • Complete 100 Shrines in 100 days! (many game hours)


  • Normal – recommended for all players who don’t have much gaming experience
  • Hard – more hardcore version of normal mode. You have less time between shrines, so be fast! Use training mode to practice if you’re not used to it. There are fewer checkpoints than in Normal mode, so try to complete each level as fast as you can and don’t give up!

Fap Ninja APK Mod

Fap Ninja provides a smooth user experience with its simple controls and convenient gameplay. The game also comes with a variety of options for you to choose from, including multiple gaming modes, achievements, and leaderboards.

You can play the game on your mobile device whenever and wherever you want. Fap Ninja has been optimized for tablets too! With its addictive gameplay and humorous content, Fap Ninja is a must-have for all adult app fans. If you’re looking for an entertaining way to pass your free time or just want to kill some time, this game will not let you down!

Overview Section: How to play Section: Background Section: Compatibility, legal and technical requirements

How To Unlock The Full Game For Free (Without A Credit Card)

1) Download the .apk file directly from the link (don’t worry it’s safe).

2) Install Fap Ninja on your Android device (it should work with any Android device running 2.3 or above).

3) When you are done installing the app go ahead and run it.

Fap Ninja Mod APK

Playalong features of fap ninja

Fap Ninja is a tough game that requires a lot of skill because you have to control the speed. You must be quick and try to get as many birds as possible. But don’t let the game fool you, because it’s not going to be so easy.

The birds will appear at random spots and you have to move your finger as fast as you can to get rid of them. Trying to beat your friends is also a great way to play Fap Ninja because it’s going to keep you motivated and entertained for hours.

  • Easy to use interface and nothing complicated

Of course, playing alone can be exciting too, because it will make you improve your skills gradually. Fap Ninja is an awesome app that will keep you on your toes, so give it a try. It’s fun, challenging, and addicting!

Some Interesting Facts about this Game

With its popularity, there must be some interesting facts about this game. Some of the facts are:

It is not easy to get a high score in this game. It could take months of practice to get a perfect score in this game. It is difficult to play the game if you have a weak stomach. If you play it for too long, you may get nauseous. The first time playing it may be shocking but these feelings will go away as you continue playing it.

You have to press the buttons at the right time or else you will lose points. This is because there will be blue stripes that appear on your screen and if you hit those then your score will decrease. You can only see them if you allow yourself to get sucked into the game. If you blink then they will disappear and so will your points.

There are so many different kinds of ninjas that are popular in this game but my favorite one is the Super Farting Ninja as he is very powerful and he can blow up his enemies with his super farts! He has also been around since 1990 and even though there was no internet available then, he still managed to become popular among kids back then!

Fap Ninja APK latest version

Benefits of Fap Ninja apk

There are a million and one reasons that people download Fap Ninja apk. Some of them are obvious, others are not so obvious. There are some fairly obvious benefits to using Fap Ninja apk. These include:

Increased focus on the task at hand:

The Fap Ninja apk is designed in such a way that when you install it and open it up, you are presented with a blank screen with your choice of colors. The idea behind this is to allow you to start on a clean slate. You will not be bombarded by pop-ups and other things that tend to distract you from what you want to do. Instead, it allows you to focus on what you should be focused on – nothing else but the task at hand.

Increased productivity: 

When you can focus better on your work, then chances are that you will get more done faster. This means more time for relaxation and enjoyment. This is without a doubt among the best benefits associated with the use of Fap Ninja apk. This means that you get more benefit out of every moment in your life.


Another great benefit that people can enjoy as they use this new tool is self-esteem. Knowing that they were able to focus.

Fap Ninja APK Download

What enemies and obstacles will I encounter in the game?

The game includes boss fights and waves of enemies with different abilities, but both can be killed by the same tactics. The thing that makes the game harder is that it requires fast reactions and good timing. Be ready to eat a lot of shurikens to master this game!

Enemy ninja, Enemy swordsmen, Enemy ninjas with swords, Enemy flying kites, Enemy shuriken throwers, Enemy archers, Other obstacles like stone slabs and spikes.

How to Add Coins and Get Extra Lives

Add Coins

  1. Select the “Shop” tab available at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap on the “Coins” button to start shopping.
  3. You can buy coins in bundles of 1500, 3000, 5000, or 10,000.
  4. Just tap on the button next to the package of coins you want to buy and follow the prompts to confirm your purchase.

Get Extra Lives

  1. Tap on your profile picture at the top left corner of your game screen.
  2. Select “Get Extra Lives” from the menu that appears and then tap on any item you want from the list of available prizes or gifts that you can win by using extra lives. (Remember, you can only win one prize of each type per day.)
  3. You will be asked if you want to use one of your extra lives to claim the prize; just tap on “Use Life.”

Fap Ninja APK

User Interface & Navigation

It has been designed with a very simple interface and you will feel comfortable using it right away. It brings a lot of new features that are not available on other similar apps, so you must check them out by yourself and see what you think about them.

The best thing about fap ninja apk is that you don’t need an Internet connection to use it. You just need your Android device and this app will work perfectly well with no issues at all.

In Fap Ninja, all you have to do is tap on the screen of your android device when an arrow hits the hourglass. While doing so, be sure that you don’t run into any obstacles or enemies, and remember that time is ticking so you have to hurry up!

Fap Ninja Apk offers several characters with their abilities that will aid you in overcoming different obstacles and enemies. You can choose between different characters such as Sensei Fumio, Lady Shizuka, and more!

There are many categories that you can choose from according to your preferences and they all come with high-quality videos that are sure to impress you in every way.

Pros and cons of this app:


  • It’s FREE. That’s pretty obvious, but it still needs to be said.
  • The graphics of this game are incredibly amazing.
  • The sound effects are also very good and make the game more interesting and engaging.
  • Tons of material.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great ice breaker that gets her mind off of looks.


  • This program contains adult content that may be offensive to some users
  • It is not completely free as some limited features need to be purchased.
  • This app requires you to have a good internet connection to work properly.

Reviews by users

The first thing to mention about Fap Ninja Apk is that it’s a fun game. No need to beat around the bush there. There are a variety of games and apps like Fap Ninja Apk out there, some are good and others not so much. Fap Ninja Apk has been liked by thousands already as reflected on its free app ranking on Google Play and has managed to get a 4-star rating however not everyone agrees to it as also reflected on its 1 – 3 star rating.


Fap Ninja apk is a game that includes some mega powers and many helpful items. One of the main assets of this game is its quality graphics. The ninja is also very strong in this game it can attack very quickly.

Fap Ninja is a fun and fast-paced tap game. Help the ninja master dozens of challenging levels full of pitfalls, traps, and enemies! Touch the screen to make the ninja jump, then tap again to slash his sword and slice your way through.


Is it legal to use the Fap Ninja app?

If you’re looking for the answer, the answer is yes. It is 100% legal and safe to use the Fap Ninja apk on your phone.

Is Fap Ninja Apk Free?

Fap Ninja Apk is absolutely free of cost. There is no hidden cost or in-app purchases. You can try the MOD version of this app which have all premium features unlocked.

Which phones and tablets can use Fap Ninja?

You can play Fap Ninja on all Android devices running 4.0 and up, but you can also download a dedicated app for your smartphone and tablet on the Google Play store.

Can Fap Ninja help me reach my fitness goals?

Fap Ninja can help you get fit, yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want it to be a healthy and positive experience.

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