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Epic War: Thrones Apk is a strategy game for Android devices where you must collect resources and build a base to fight with other players worldwide.
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Epic War: Thrones 1st Anniv. Apk + OBB 

Epic War: Thrones Apk is a strategy game for Android devices where you must collect resources and build a base to fight with other players worldwide. The game has some graphics from the epic war games, but they are not as great as they were in the original version. You will start with one castle, a hero, and a few troops.

You can upgrade your castle, hero, and troops to defeat your enemies and conquer their lands. You can also buy new soldiers at the shop or get them by completing achievements in the game.

Epic War Thrones

Orc warriors, elves, archers, dwarfs, engineers, and many other creatures will help you win battles against your enemies. You should collect resources like wood, food, gold, and other things to upgrade your army and make it better in every aspect.

There are many maps available in the game, which you can unlock after winning battles to have more places to attack. Sometimes there are special maps with unique rules, like only one castle with no resources or soldiers, so don’t forget to check those out too!

Thrones is a strategy game for Android that absorbs the best elements from video games and fantasy novels to create a fun, challenging experience. In Thrones, you play as a noble house member vying for Westeros’s control.

The game is set in an alternate reality where a meteor hit Westeros in ancient times, spreading magic and supernatural creatures around the land. Critics have praised thrones across the board for their unique take on this well-known universe.

Critics have also praised Thrones’ gameplay style. The game blends many different game mechanics that gamers will find familiar into one cohesive, enjoyable experience. While the game is free to download, players must purchase a virtual currency called “starks” to get more content.

For players who enjoy strategy games but are looking for something less intense than the graphically- and computationally-intensive PC or console titles, there’s now an attractive alternative in the form of Epic War: Thrones.

A simple click-to-advance game, Thrones allows you to wage war by tapping along with two opposing factions—the kingdom of Sundown versus the barbarian horde of Mount Blackthorn—in a battle for control of the land. The gameplay is easy to learn and allows players to strategize on the fly with a wide array of units.

Games from the Epic War series have been around for a long time, and they’ve had a lot of time to develop their gameplay. Instead of the typical base-building gameplay, this version has your primary objective of conquering castles to gain gold, which you’ll need to use at the shops between battles.

The gameplay is very straightforward once you get used to it: there are two kinds of attacks that you can perform with your characters. One is an attack on an enemy’s castle or city, which requires you to tap on their castle and then tap on your castle after selecting it.

This will send troops toward the enemy’s castle, where they’ll attempt to destroy it. The other attack option is directly sending troops into battle against an enemy army. You’ll have to select the unit or units you want to ship from your city and then select an enemy’s army to initiate combat with them.

Epic War Thrones apk

The game opens with a brief tutorial explaining how to march your soldiers across the map, build new ones, upgrade existing ones, use spells, and more. All these elements are essential because they’re the keys to victory.

You can choose from dozens of troops, from archers and cavalry to wizards, giants, dragons, and more. Once you’ve chosen your army, you can play against the computer or other players online. The single-player campaign is also available if you’d rather battle against artificial intelligence.

It would help if you stayed on top of your game to achieve a good position in the War of Thrones. Building and maintaining relationships with your allies is not just important; it’s vital. But you should also be building and maintaining relationships with reliable partners and strengthening existing ones if you want to succeed in this epic war.

Epic War: Thrones is pretty similar to other strategy games, but it has some exciting twists that make it stand out. The first thing that you need to do is pick a hero unit that you will use throughout the battle. Your hero can be any one of four different characters: The Knight, The Archer, The Wizard, or The Maiden. Each has other units as support troops and different strengths and weaknesses in combat.

The gameplay of Epic War: Thrones Apk

Epic War: Thrones Apk is a real-time strategy (RTS) game based on the popular Game of Thrones TV series. Players take on the role of one of five families in Westeros, each with its unique units while playing as a member of the Night’s Watch or one of the Free Cities. The game is played on a large map featuring various areas that house important strategic locations and resources, such as mines and ports.

Numerous achievements and quests that award players with experience points can be completed throughout gameplay, which will help them to level up and unlock new items for their armies. Epic War: Thrones Apk also includes several multiplayer modes where players can go head-to-head against each other and see who will rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Lead a united army of Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Dragons, and Demons against the forces of evil! Command your troops across various worlds and unlock special units to add to your deck.

Build a powerful deck by collecting cards and going head-to-head with powerful opponents in real-time!

A mysterious force is gathering Heroes from dimensions beyond our own, planning to unleash armies of darkness upon our lands. We need your help to stop them! Only the strongest will survive. Do you have what it takes?

Epic War Thrones apk download

Features of Epic War: Thrones Apk

Easy to play

one of this game’s best features is its simplicity. As soon as you download it, you don’t need to learn how it works or how to play it; all you have to do is start battling immediately. The difficulty level is also just suitable for everyone; beginners will be able to learn quickly by following their favorite characters’ tutorials in-game,

Best gameplay

The game itself is fun and easy to understand, yet it still holds some depth in gameplay and strategy. One of the best features of this game is the ability to play with your friends via multiplayer mode. You can take on other players from around the world or even against your friends. This is a great way to keep playing the game because you’re never stuck with just one opponent or scenario.

High-quality graphics

Epic War: Thrones is a game where you get to lead an army and wage war against your enemies. In this game, the graphics are high quality, and the gameplay is smooth. The game features excellent sound effects, which make the battles more interesting. The control scheme is easy to master, and the instructions are obvious. If you love games that let you build an army and fight your way to victory, this game is right up your alley.

Stunning sound effects

Featuring stunning sound effects, this game is one of the best free games in the play store. It has a lot of exciting features that will make you love it more and more. The game is based on the popular TV show, Game of Thrones. There are many characters from the show that you can choose to lead in their quest for power and glory.


Unlock all types of characters

If you love epic games, you will love this game. It is a strategy game that allows you to unlock all types of characters. The graphics are great, and the controls are easy to master. There are many different types of enemies in this game, which gives it a unique feel. If you enjoy games like clash of clans, you will love this game because it has a similar feel. This app is free to download and can be found on the Google play store. You do not need a wifi connection to play the game, and it is optimized for tablets and phones.

Collect and upgrade your hero cards

Epic War: Thrones Apk is a mobile game where you collect and upgrade your hero cards to defeat your enemies. The battles are full of excitement and thrilling. Players will feel the heat of the fight when they play in the game.

Unlock powerful skills

By gaining battle experience, you can unlock new skills for your Heroes. Skills are divided into six categories: War, Defense, Tactics, Magic, Bless, and General. Whichever category a Skill is underdetermined, the type of unit that can learn it. For example, only War units can learn War skills.

Craft your unique battle deck

When you first start, you’re given a standard deck of cards, but as you progress, you gain access to more advanced cards and better equipment. You can focus your strategy on a few key types of troops (such as the archers or mages) or diversify by creating a deck with a good mix of troops. You can also use your gold to buy new equipment to help bolster what’s on your patio or sell off old gear for more gold.

Choose your tactics wisely.

Thrones is a turn-based strategy game that challenges you to unite the kingdom under your rule. To do so, you must conquer your opponents by forcing them into submission or reducing their castles to rubble.

How to Download and Install Epic War: Thrones Apk

Step 1: Open the Official website Apkmosa.com.

Step 2: Search for Epic War Thrones in the website’s search box.

Step 3: Tap the “Download” button to download and install Epic War Thrones on your device.

Step 4: Once installed, tap on the “Open” button to start playing Epic War Thrones on your Android device.

Epic War Thrones latest version

Final Words

Epic War: Thrones is a fascinating turn-based strategy game for Android. The game’s main features include:

  • The battle against computers or other players.
  • A wide variety of troops and heroes and upgrades.
  • Animated graphics.

In the game, you have to fight for the throne against three rival factions that have been fighting for ages. It is a perfect strategy game for Android if you want some entertainment on your device.


What is Epic War: Thrones Apk?

Epic War: Thrones Apk is a strategy game. It is one of the best games in its category. You must build your kingdom and strengthen it by fighting with other players.

Is it safe to download?

Yes, it is entirely safe to download this app as it has been scanned for viruses by 3rd party apps and found clean. So you can download this app without any hesitation.

Can I play this game offline?

Yes, you can play offline. However, some features like watching ads to get free gems cannot be used when playing offline.

Is this game free to download and play?

Yes. You can download and play the game for free.

What's new

- New Heroes & Units who can be recruited to join your army:

- The Elder, who can cast spells and summon monsters;

- The Dragon Knight, who can use his dragon mount for breathing fire and trampling enemies;

- The Warlock, who can use evil magic to raise the dead;

- The Fairy, who can heal allies and turn enemies into harmless critters;

- The Ranger, who specializes in ranged attacks and sniping enemies from afar.

These heroes are just the beginning... more will be revealed soon!

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